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Why Us

The CBD industry is growing rapidly and many bad actors are willing to put anything out there to make a dollar. They will cut corners and release toxic, low quality products that offer no health benefits to the people who need it the most. We started Matobo Brands to Create a product people can trust. And to educate the world about the benefits of CBD.


  • Colorado Grown, Handcrafted and Originically Grown
  • Rich Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract
  • The PROCESS is our bread and butter
  • We wanted to keep our process close to nature as possible & maximize the effectiveness of all our products
  • To us, that’s just step 1. It’s called The Spayrgic Process.
  • The word is a little difficult to say but the process is easy to understand, and highly effective.
  • Most companies stop at oil extraction. This is where the magic happens.
  • We go the extra mile so you have the FULLEST full spectrum CBD available.


  • After extracting the CBD oil, we burn the “leftover” bio mass at extremely high temperatures until it can dissolve in distilled water.
  • Then we use fine filters to separate the carbon in the ash away.
  • We adopted an ancient technique created by herbalist in the 1500s.
  • Finally we evaporate the water until what’s left are millions of tiny white crystals.
  • The magic happens when those crystals are added back into the original oil extraction so the Entourage Effect takes place
  • This is where the plant's compounds go through a perfect balancing act to activate the best qualities about each other.